Cognac VS

Beaumont Spirit Company

Ref: Co-VS-0005

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Minimum : 5 YO

Straw yellow
Soft spiced flavours: vanilla and hints of cinnamon
Very pleasant nose of citrus (orange, grapefruit) and tropical fruits (pineapple…)
Homogeneous and mellow wood
Hints of lime blossom
Soft and delicate attack. Full roundness (notes of honey)
Good range, frank finish and nice length in mouth

Product Information

Price Range >=30€
Type of product Spirits
Region Sud-Ouest
Appellation/Dénomination Cognac Bons Bois
Color Amber
Grapes Ugni blanc
Type of culture Sustainable
Events Tastin'France PHILIPPINES 2018 , Tastin'France Ireland 2019
Classification AOC
Format Bottle