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Brasserie DUYCK - Jenlain

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Brasserie DUYCK
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113 Route Nationale, 59144 Jenlain, France
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Erwann Lepeu
Erwann lepeu

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Since 1922, 5 generations have forged the history of the family brewery.
Beginning of 20th century
The Birth of the Duyck Brewery
In the Duyck family (of Dutch origin), Flemish is spoken and the land is passed from father to son. To supplement his income, Léon Duyck decides to get into a side-business popular in northern France : brewing . He sets up a brewing room on his farm in Zegerscappel, a small town in Flanders. The northern region contains more than 2000 breweries.
The first bière de garde
Brought into beer crafting by his father, Félix Duyck sets up his own brewing farm in the village of Jenlain. From the very first years, he seeks to stand out from other brewers by producing a finer beer that isn’t as sweet as those sold within just a few days of their production. He decides to keep the beer in barrels for several weeks in order to prolong its fermentation and develop its flavors. He develops the famous, high-fermentation bière de garde one of the French specialty beers.
The first champagne bottle
At the end of the war, bottles were scarce. Félix and his son Robert have stroke of genius; for the first time, they bottle their bière de garde in recycled champagne bottles with a cork and muselet to hold it on. The champagne bottle made history and we’ve been able to pop open a Jenlain at home ever since.
National fame
Robert Duyck succeeds his father. People start talking about the bière de garde from this little brewery and, most importantly, come from afar just to taste it. In 1968, this beer brewed by the Duycks takes the name of its village: Jenlain. The labels emblazoned with a coat of arms drawn by Robert Duyck’s brother-in-law appear on the until-now nondescript bottles.
The success of Jenlain Ambrée
At this time the brewery has two regional depots, one of them thanks to students in Lille who are discovering Jenlain and quickly taking a liking to it, so much so that they try to find it in their own regions of origin. Jenlain goes beyond the northern borders, and everybody wants it.
The new Jenlains
Raymond Duyck, great-grandson of Léon, takes the reins of the family business. He continues the development of the brewery and is inspired by Jenlain Ambrée to create Jenlain Blonde, which is then followed by other original creations. Eager to defend the interests of his profession, Raymond becomes the representative of small breweries in the l’Association des Brasseurs de France (Brewers’ Association of France).
Raymond carries out investments in new fermentation tanks, filtration equipment, a can packaging line and incorporates a wastewater treatment plant at the brewery.
The Future
Mathieu Duyck, son of Raymond, joins the brewery with the desire to continue brewing beers and ideas. He wishes to increase Jenlain’s global presence and to propose new bière de garde, to explore new tastes. Upon his arrival, a new brewhouse is born and Jenlain’s image changes with the introduction of a new design faithful to the values and spirit of the Duyck Brewery.


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