Cognac VSOP


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Colour : copper
Bouquet : dry fruits and honey
A smooth entry leads to a round, off-dry medium-bodied palate with toffee and baked fruit flavours. Finishes with a long, smooth brown spice and crème brûlée fade. A delicious, fruit-driven artisanal style that displays a long finish. Haunting and intense.

Product Information

Type of product Spirits
Region Charente
Appellation/Dénomination Cognac Grande Champagne
Color Amber
Grapes Ugni blanc
Type of culture Conventional
Events Tastin'France SUISSE 2018 , Tastin'France Korea 2019 , Tastin'France Taiwan 2019 , Tastin'France Japan 2019 , Tastin'France Ivory Coast 2019 , Tastin'France Nigeria 2019 , Tastin'France Ghana 2019
Classification AOC
Format Bottle