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LBF - La Brasserie Fondamentale

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LBF - La Brasserie Fondamentale
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26 rue Ordener, 75018 Paris, France
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Martin Pellet

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Tastin'France Hungary 2019


L.B.F. - La Brasserie Fondamentale (the Fundamental Brewery, lit.) is a new craft beer project that aspires to have everyone discover, understand and love real French craft beer. Unpretentiously but with expertise. Without jargon but with the right words.

Our mission: go back to craft beer basics to make it more accessible, popular, flavoursome and exciting. Craft beer experts, connoisseurs, gourmets will enjoy its rich, original and unexpected savours. Beer rookies will have the opportunity to discover a fine and accessible product both in terms of taste and language.

Who are we? In 2016, driven by our convictions, we opened La Beer Fabrique, a brewing workshop located in the 11th arrondissement (district) of Paris where individuals, small groups or companies are taught how to brew their own beer.

Building on this experience and our love for craft beer, animated by a unique passion for pedagogy, innovation and taste, with LBF we aim to convert our nation, France, to craft beer. Because you can only love a product if you understand what it is all about.

A beer co-created with our consumers: Tanks to the participation of hundreds of budding brewers who took part in our brewing courses at La Beer Fabrique (our brewing workshop) and after months of tests, attempts, some brilliants, some less successful, trials and bright ideas, we brewed 4 timeless beers, with 100% French cereals, preservative-free, non-filtered, non-pasteurized.

We are proud to present these 4 beers:

L.B.F. Pale Ale : Light blond beer with subtle citrus fruit aromas, brewed with 100% french ingredients. It is of pale blond colour and very light bitterness.

L.B.F. IPA : Emblematic craft beer, light bitterness for the style and powerful tropical and citrus fruit aromas.

L.B.F. Wheatbeer : Light and sweet beer, brewed with barley, wheat and oats malts. Inspired by the german Hefeweizen, a smooth and fruity type of beer.

L.B.F. Dubbel : Belgian style inspired beer, Strong Ale both in alcohol and aromas. Features caramel and toasted bread flavours as well as light fig and plum notes.


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