Browsing products and suppliers

As a buyer, you have three main browsing possibilities: Products, suppliers or events.

To browse all the products, click on Products on the left bar menu.

This will lead you to the homepage of your interface, containing all the products visible on the marketplace.


You will there be able to modify the filters and rearrange the order of the products (by price or by date).

Try the different filtering features that allow you to find easily the right product in the right price range and category.

When you click on a seller's name or picture, you will access his profile.

There you can see three different pages : the seller's showroom, the seller's information and the news.

Go in the catalog to see all the products of the seller.


Seeing a product's page

Once you click on a product, you will land on the product's page.

All the information specified by the seller (options, prices, descriptions, pictures etc.) will be visible there.

On the offer page, you can request samples.

(The price is for reference only, this sample maybe free, the price of the sample depends on the producer).


After add in your bucket all the products you needed, you just have to provide your delivery information and confirm your sample request

You can request samples from different producer with the same order.



You will be notified when the seller has accepted your order.